September Updates

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Sept 1, 2017

For me a proper butchers shop is like a treasure trove, full of ingredients waiting to be explored, each with a story behind them. This is the window of our local butcher in Overton where I bought the lamb ribs last week. Something I find very interesting is that we find it so easy to care about things when they are close to us and we find it very easy to forget everything else. In London, in the city it's easy to forget about 'nature' just as in the countryside, it's easy for me to forget about the sea when I'm surrounded by trees and forests. But every single time we consume something, whether it's orange juice, sprouts or steak we are interacting with nature. Whether it's a conscious choice or not, those choices are having an impact on our environment.

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Sept 7,

I've been finding that people on the other side of the world have been sharing my pictures on Facebook and making some pretty interesting judgements about me. Mostly that I make a fascinating psychological study because clearly I am mentally unstable. Apparently a part of my soul must be dead and cancer is on the menu for me in the future from all the meat I am eating. So just to be clear, I am NOT promoting eating meat. I am purely trying to encourage anyone who is interested to think 1) about where their meat is coming from 2) where all their food in general comes from. We live in such an age of disconnection and I am simply going on this journey to try and reconnect in a way that might make me think a little differently. It has already changed my eating habits and my buying habits and I now eat even less meat than before. But I do want to see this journey through and see if anything more changes for me. And so the people who are hoping I am also strung up by my feet and slaughtered, I'm really not sure you're all that 'peace-loving and caring to all' and let's just try and understand more from each other rather than attack.

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Sept 18, 2017

Happy as a pig in shit. It's amazing what being outside does to my mental state. Every time I feel a bit wobbly, or stressed and I step out into the garden, things suddenly start seeming a lot better. I sat out this afternoon with a cup of tea, having a chat with my brother and giving the pigs a good rubbing behind their ears. They seem to enjoy that. And after twenty minutes of sitting outside, I felt calmer. It may have been a bit drizzly but the sun did peek out for a while. Simple pleasures are the best ones. You've just got to remember to drink them in.

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Sept 19, 2017

The most glorious little tree at the bottom of the garden. The fruit crop is amazing this year - we were clearly meant to get pigs so they can chomp through it all. Normally we do end up wasting quite a lot of the windfall, but it now all gets thrown into the piggy pen - manky bits and all. And they are feasting like royalty.

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Sept 26, 2017

I've had this beautiful piece of lardo sitting in my fridge since I went to Italy in January and it's still going strong. I made a carbonara last night and fried off a few pieces of this to go in it. I rinsed it quite thoroughly beforehand as it's covered in salt, but it's great because you can rinse it to your own taste preference! I just think it's almost magical how this can sit for so long, so perfectly preserved and taste so good.

Millie Diamond