October Updates

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Oct 2, 2017

They just can't contain their excitement over all these apples!!! They love them. We've decided to keep our pigs for longer - 6 months old seems far too young and is really just a commercial age for them to be slaughtered. Instead we are going keep them until next year! We've been going along the lanes and scooping up the acorns into a wheelbarrow - they love them even more than the juicy fruit.

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Oct 12, 2017


SUCH BEAUTIFUL SOAP! This soap is made from waste pig fat and tallow with foraged flowers and herbs. I was very lucky to receive a perfectly wrapped package through my letterbox this week with two of these glorious soaps hiding inside. I could smell them before I even opened the box and they're heavenly. I've written about Hog & Tallow soaps here previously but anyone with pigs/cows and 'waste' product should really consider speaking to these lovely ladies. What a way to make waste wonderful!

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Oct 19, 2017

This is one of our lovely chickens that roams around the orchard and garden. An amazing source of delicious fresh eggs with super orange yolks, you can really tell the difference from shop bought ones. She also (along with her friends) likes coming to the kitchen door and pecking at the glass to demand food. Raisins are an absolute hit, along with warm porridge that a certain person likes to make especially for them to 'help keep them cosy and warm' in the winter. It's no wonder they like coming into the kitchen if they get the chance to see what else they can find...

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Oct 25, 2017

An amazing plate of meats from Trealy Farm in Monmouthshire. Animal welfare is high priority and they are don't compromise in the ethics of their meat sourcing. They also use traditional breeds including Saddleback pigs, Welsh Black cattle and Welsh Mountain lamb. Rare breeds are a symbol of our heritage and due to breeding for mass production we have sadly lost a number of them. However the Rare Breeds Survival Trust was formed in 1973 and since then no other native livestock breed has become extinct in the U.K. These breeds are important for genetic diversity and for farming and managing our countryside in a way that's sympathetic to wildlife through conservation grazing. This is one of the reasons we chose Gloucester Old Spot pigs - suited to living outdoors, rather than an animal bred to be intensively farmed for a high yield and to suit factory conditions. Old Spots are also known as Orchard Pigs and they're definitely enjoying living in our orchard!

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Oct 28, 2017

Acorn shovelling might just be my new favourite activity. Yes, I'm a loser. But the satisfaction of being outside, getting exercise and harvesting FREE NUTRITIOUS FOOD to feed to the pigs is just marrrrrvellous. We have collected bags and barrows full of them and the pigs go crazy for them. To continue my rake wielding, barrow lugging satisfaction I am about to embark on a month of veganism. November is #worldveganmonth and what way to better understand something than giving it a go. I can't pretend I'm particularly excited about the lack of meat, cheese and chocolate, but I am extremely intrigued. And it will certainly give me a sense of satisfaction to have learnt something new, whether it's about food, about others or about myself. Kicking off next week on 1st November! 

Millie Diamond