Can We Justify Imposing Death On Animals?

Sometimes in London you just need to reconnect. Sit on the ground with a pooch and soak up the happiness. I've had a lot of comments about whether I'd kill a dog, or whether I'd be happy with someone murdering my pooch. Obviously I couldn't think of anything worse, and as I've said in the comments I think this is very much a cultural thing. People do eat dogs in some countries. Animal abuse in any form is unacceptable and totally avoidable, but it doesn't mean it's not happening. If we could show as much compassion and thought to the animals we eat as the ones we care about as pets, perhaps we wouldn't be stuck in such an unsustainable situation with regards to our meat and food consumption in general.


 There are so many interesting angles and perspectives that are being thrown into the pot on my Instagram account and I want to try and share some of these. The following exchange took place on the image and caption I posted above.

Q. Just out of curiosity, would you consider death animal abuse?

Piglet to Plate: Death imposed by humans do you mean?

Q. Yes. I'm not here to troll, we have very different ideals I can see, just curious as I'm aware that life is all perception, and we all think differently, for me death, non consensually is abuse, just curious on your understanding?

Piglet to Plate. I understand your position. I think it's an abuse of position of power when we are not conscious of what we are doing. This is why I am very much against factory farming and want to experience the entire process including the slaughter. If it doesn't sit well with me then I will turn veggie - that is essentially the whole point of this project. How many of us can actually confront the death and sit with it?

Q. I understand your view and hopefully enough time spent with these beautiful animals will lead to you ceasing to use them as a product and instead appreciate them, but I know that most people won't go vegan, however any education and progression away from factory farming is a pro. Thanks for your response :)

Piglet to Plate: Can I ask you something? I'm intrigued to know, if I came out the other side of this process comfortable with slaughtering animals, would you say you'd have more understanding for that than people who ignorantly consume them without thinking about the animal itself? I'm really struggling with all of this at the moment. So many people are so happy with the ignorance is bliss approach. Unfortunately it's not bliss for the environment or for human kind.

Q.  Yes I would. I've always said that if people had to experience the whole process of raising or hunting and killing the animal, gutting, cleaning etc, there would be a huge portion of people who would choose to avoid meat. The dissociation with the process to the packet is a huge part of the issue. I totally believe this. For me personally I try to actively engage in compassion, I used to eat meat as many are conditioned to do, as you say, ignorant. In our age, in western culture we have no need to consume any animal products and live a healthier lifestyle, I have no issue with hunter/gather tribes and such, necessity is key here, and in our culture it's unnecessary to eat meat. :)

Millie Diamond