Bacon Without a Bap?

Whether it's the ultimate hangover-busting bacon sandwich or delicate strips of proscuitto sliced to transparent perfection - they need the right bread for the job. A stale old crust of some scabby supermarket specimen that's been rolling around in the bread bin for a bit too long is just not going to cut the mustard. The bread needs to do the meat justice - which shouldn't need saying, but does. 

A great deal of the bread we encountered in Italy was, to our palettes, stale. It might be tradition or just giving the meat a chance to shine. We don't really care, it just wasn't hitting the spot. In order to be able to get our baking up to scratch we hopped over to Fulham, to the most wonderful micro-bakery run by Ma Baker. 

In her home kitchen which serves as a micro bakery we got to grips with various different breads and learnt about the fermentation process. After a great deal of kneading, shaping, chatting and learning we came away with a yearning to rush home and make some more of our own. This focaccia studded with cherry tomatoes, rosemary and sprinkled with sea salt was just divine. Straight out of the oven, served warm with a little slice of lardo on top, we were in heaven.

You can certainly expect to see some bread recipes and ideas from us, especially as we get closer to having our own meat. Until then we'll be practising to make sure we're up to scratch in time to make a bloody good bacon sandwich.

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Millie Diamond