Lardo, Sweet Lardo

Urban Dictionary defines Lardo as the following: commonly an insult describing an extremely fat person who cannot wield their habit of overeating.

I'll happily be a Lardo for life. But we've sadly become conditioned to believe that fat makes you fat, clogs your arteries and ultimately kills you. Fat, particularly pig fat is delicious. It's one of the most natural products around. 

Lardo is a product we have fallen in love with since visiting Italy. It is the back fat from the pig that is cured and dried in salt, herbs and spices. Pigs in Italy are generally fattened to twice the weight of any commercial pig in the UK. This is because they are looking for the fat to create their lardo, salami and sausages. In the UK we tend to want leaner meat for our joints, sausages and bacon. 

Sliced thinly, this delicious treat is commonly served alone on a piece of warm bread so the fat just starts to melt. The rind is usually cut off, but can be used to flavour soups and stews, so as ever, nothing is wasted. You can see from the picture below how much flavour clings to the rind.

We've been using it on pizza, as a topping on soups and in pasta dishes. We've also made a tasty rolled pork involtini and stuffed it with some ground up lardo.

Millie Diamond