The Rise and Rise of Veganism

I'm going vegan for a month starting tomorrow for World Vegan Month. The amount of abuse I have received since starting this project, along with the abuse of other farmers has been truly eye-opening. 

To try and better understand where this abuse is coming from and to better understand veganism I will be committing to it fully for a month...along with documenting my progress (struggles) each day. I can't really say I'm looking forward to it, but I hope to be proven otherwise and potentially discover some new foods, recipes, points of view and potentially, friends!


I have no problem with veganism or vegetarianism and was raised as a veggie for the first few years of my life. This soon changed when my poor mother realised she could cease the squawking of my younger brother and his insatiable appetite by feeding him some meat. And so it was incorporated into our diets.

I am getting somewhat tired of hearing that animal agriculture is destroying our environment, that meat is carcinogenic and I'm 'just asking for cancer' with all the meat I eat. Industrial animal agriculture is the problem. Overly processed meat, along with any other overly processed foodstuff is the problem.
I'm pulling together stats and facts to write quite an interesting piece on veganism, how it's spread like wildfire on social media and the rise of the numerous Netflix documentaries on the subject. Before I do that, it's only fair I give it a try!

Millie Diamond